Film Friday: Gran Hotel

August 07, 2015

It's Film Friday! "What's Film Friday?" you ask. Well, I've posted a couple of other posts under this tag, but I haven't really kept up with it. That will change in my resolve to blog more. Before I ever started writing, I was obsessed with film. The drama, the costumes, the glamour, the sets — everything I've learned about  mise-en-scène, I've learned from studying film. So on Fridays, I'll share pretty screen caps and thoughts on my favorite films (and television). I will not be reviewing films on this blog. I think there are already far better people than I to tell you why a film is good or not. What you'll find here is what you find most days: general fangirling and gushing over things I like.

To kick-off this post series again, we're going to start by loosely interpreting the tag to include television because welcome to my blog, where the tags are made up and the points don't matter. Also, I just really need to tell someone about this show so I can stop driving my husband crazy talking about it. This show which has consumed my entire fangirl heart, is a Spanish drama called Gran Hotel (Grand Hotel) and I represent about one fifth of its entire English-speaking fandom.
Sad Andrés
Gran Hotel Fandom party of one, your table is ready.
Set in an Edwardian Era Spanish hotel, the series follows Julio Olmedo in his quest to solve the murder of his sister while he impersonates both a waiter and a guest of the Gran Hotel. From there, the plot takes all sorts of twists and turns with a murderer on the loose, betrayal, poisonings, fake pregnancies, forbidden romance and so much more. I just binge-watched the first season and I will just say that Downton Abbey has nothing o n this show. I mean, a girl gets killed with a meat tenderizer! They just don't make television like this at the BBC! It has had me sitting on the edge of my seat on numerous occasions, and I seriously cannot express my love for all the mothers slapping their willful sons. Oh the drama! I can't get enough of this show and I don't even speak a lick of Spanish (I've actually picked up some phrases from the show like "Dónde está la carta!"). The gorgeous sets, stunning costumes, and carefully crafted shots are all just icing on this drama cake.
Then, on top of all the betrayal, backstabbing and murders (yes that's murders plural), there is the beautiful, simmering, slow-burn romance of Julio and Alicia Alarcón, the daughter of the hotel owner, Doña Teresa, and fiancé to the hotel 's devious manager whose solution to every problem is to have his manservant shoot someone. True it's a bit trope-y considering she's the hotel heiress and he's a waiter, but this is seriously everything I wanted but didn't get from the relationship between Downton's Sybil and Branson. Seriously guys, this is gonna be my OTP of the ages.

And since I am a fandom of one, I had to make a mix for this series considering I couldn't find any on 8-tracks that could fully indulge the feels I have for this show. So here you go! Here's a mix that I think embodies the glamour of Edwardian Spain and my love for Julio and Alicia.

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  1. First off, props for the sneaky little Whose Line reference. ;) Second off, GRAN HOTEEEEEL! I'm so glad you're watching it now! *does happy dance* Okay, okay, Andres is my baby forever and ever, and Julio is like Matt Dillon's Spanish son, and Alicia's perf hair, and CREEPER TO THE MAX DIEGO, and the stunning and perfect opening theme, and stupid Belen, and oh my gooosh the costummmeeeesss! *overload*

    1. Andres is my favorite! He is seriously adorable times a million when his eyes get all big and OMGJULIOISSITTINGATATABLEINTHEDININGROOMWITHALICIA-like. Alicia's hair game is SO freaking strong. I am seriously going to be wearing all white for the next few weeks. Diego terrifies me. Like if he ever catches Julio looking at Alicia with those puppy eyes (or finds him in her room) bad things will go down! AND BELEN! I HATE BELEN! SHE IS THE WORST! STAY AWAY FROM ANDRES, BELEN!

    2. Andres is just the cutest thing to walk the earth. Which is why Belen is even more super evil than anyone else everrrr! NO BELEN LEAVE US ALONE AND BE EVIL SOMEWHERE ELSE! Also, the guy who plays Andres is in S2 of Velvet as probably the most adorably inept lady's man that ever lived. It's so hilarious after coming fresh off seeing him as Andres! Ha ha! :P OH MY GOODNESS, DIEGO AND JULIO DRAMZ ARE COMING YOUR WAY! IT IS SO FREAKING SCARY!

    3. NO!!!! Say it ain't so. Imma come at Diego like a momma bear protecting her cubs if he messes with my ship!

  2. Oooh, I'm super curious about this now! I think my mom was actually watching it a little while ago, haha (we share a love for period dramas). The twists and turns sound amazing, as well as the cast of characters. And of course I'm always up for a life-ruining period drama OTP (Margaret and Thornton from North and South, anyone? AGH). Plus, I don't think I've ever seen any period dramas set in Spain!

    Anyway, lovely reboot for your post series! I'm looking forward to more fangirling about films/TV. (And oh my goodness, I'm open for talking period dramas any day, any time. I *adore* them.)

    PS: I saw from your Wattpad message that you're reading The Raven Boys? AHHHHH.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I LOVE me some period dramas. North & South is super fabulous. I've watched it about as many times as I've watched the BBC Pride & Prejudice miniseries. It's so well done and Margaret and Thornton are SUCH life ruiners!

      YES! I JUST FINISHED IT A COUPLE NIGHTS AGO AND I'M OFFICIALLY OBSESSED! I'm not sure if I want to scream or weep for all my beautiful babies but I want to adopt all of them and make sure nothing bad happens to any of them (esp GANSEY) ever ever ever! I should be getting the other two books really soon so I can catch up before the last one comes out!


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